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himself: “Well, since I’m still here, I can add an appendix to it at the same time.”
One researcher wondered why during other operations surgeons so often removed a healthy appendix. It could not be done just like that, because it is. He interviewed managers of approved residencies in general surgery and 
obstetrics and gynecology in the order meds online pharmacy United States to find out their attitude to concomitant appendectomy. More than 60 percent of them recommended removing the appendix during an uncomplicated hysterectomy. More than half of the 
managers of surgical programs also recommended doing this for other types of abdominal operations.
Just imagine! These are people who train future surgeons. It is not surprising that Modern Medicine does not hesitate with surgery at any opportunity. Surgeons just do what they were taught.
One of the realities of surgical practice in the United States is that doctors will do what they were taught if given the opportunity. To understand why they are doing this, one has to look behind the altruistic, philanthropic 
facade of Modern Medicine, in order to see that dogmatic, heartless, ruthless process, as a result of which the knife is in the surgeon's hand.
During my teaching, I observed the metamorphosis that occurred with the young men and women in the struggle for a medical degree, and was depressed and depressed by these observations. Upon admission to the medical faculty, 
they were hot idealists, but they had a constant feeling of anxiety. Months and years passed, and their noble aspirations weakened in opposition to the canada pharmacy online characteristic feeling inherent in the entire medical profession — fear. It 
was not the fear of the bloody, demanding full and dangerous work that doctors have to do. It was the fear that they would never have the opportunity to do this work.
Fifth, you should not assume that your surgeon is so well trained and works so conscientiously that you never
    “Several studies have shown a reduction in mortality from cervical cancer, but since this became apparent before the cytological examination (Pap smear) was widespread, there is currently no convincing evidence that this 
diagnostic method played a significant role in reducing mortality. "
Recently, two women scientists, Dr. Anne-Marie Foltz from New York University and Jennifer L. Kelsey, MD, an epidemiologist at Yale University School of Medicine, also reported that there is no good evidence that annual testing 
of millions of women reduced cervical cancer mortality. They paid special attention to the infamous inaccuracy of this analysis and the fact that he never canadian pharmacy no prescription passed a controlled trial to determine its effectiveness.
What worries me is not so much the effectiveness of a Pap smear in preventing cancer death, how much he himself and the number of deaths and the amount of damage he caused. A few years ago, my friend, the famous doctor himself, 
turned to me for advice. His wife recently passed a Pap smear and was suspected of having cancer. She was strongly advised to do cervical conization. This is a type of biopsy that is commonly performed if a Pap smear is in 
doubt. And my friend asked for my opinion xlpharmacy - should his wife agree to this procedure.
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